BVE Sobu Narita line

209 and 211

BVE 5 Sobu and Narita line / Kashima line comprehensive package Ver.5.70


This data is comprehensive package of BVE Sobu / Narita Line (Chiba - Sahara) and BVE Kashima line.
Structures , Route files and Sound files etc. We collect files necessary for driving other than vehicles.

* Update content from previous version *

  • Data integration of BVE Sobu and Narita Line / BVE Kashima Line.

  • Eliminate known bugs.
    Known bugs have fixed to the extent possible.

  • Publication of new Train.
    It has released the following train data.
       □ Kashima Line Local train 2521M(Narita to Kshimajingu):Series209EMU 4cars
       □ Narita Line Local train 443M(Chiba to Sawara):Series113EMU 4cars

Please make the vehicle and route data as shown below.

For remodeling of route data (including changing vehicle designation) it is out of support.

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