BVE5 Sobu and Narita line

What's Kashima line?

Kashima Line is a railway linking Kashima Jingu Sta and Kashima soccer stadium Sta from Katori in Narita Line, and in 1970, it was opened in accordance with the development of Kashima Coastal Industrial Area.
This route is that passes through a water district where many rivers and lakes are dotted.

From Kashima Jinguma Sta to Kashima Soccer Stadium Sta is operated only by direct trains of Kashima-rinkai Railway from Mito area, except for freight trains and forwarding trains.
Kashima line local train from Sawara to Kashima-Jingu is operated.

Screen Shot

Sawara Station

Katori to Junikyo(Tone River)

Junikyo to Itako(Hitachi-Tone River)

Itako Station

Itako to Nobukata

Nobukata to Kashima-Jingu(Kitaura Lake)

Kashima-Jingu Station


BVE5 Kashima line Basic package Ver.5.11


This package contains all the add-on data necessary for driving other than the vehicle.

Data that can be driven

Local Service 531M

From Sawara to Kashima-Jingu
Driving section Sawara to Kashima-Jing 17.8km(11mile)
Series 209 4cars

It is the Kashima Line Local train in the morning.
From Sawara station in Chiba prefecture, cross the prefectural border and run to Kashima Jingu Station in Ibaraki prefecture.
There are few passengers in the car, and they are vacant.

Series 209 EMU

Series 209 EMU is the main train of Sobu line and Narita line, Kashima line Local Service.
It appeared as a car in Keihin Tohoku Line in 1993 but due to the introduction of new models, it was diverted to each route in Chiba prefecture from 2010.

The 209 series has 4-car train and 6 car train.

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